Who We Are

Why Do We Rescue Alpacas?

we have been rescuing animals for over 50 years. We established the farm 2012, starting our rescue herd of alpacas in 2014. Due to the decline in the breeding market, there are currently many alpacas that need a forever home. Being, knitters and spinners, we have admired and enjoyed their fiber for a long time. It doesn’t hurt that they are adorable!

What Can You Do With Alpaca Yarn?

The yarn may be knit, crocheted, woven, hung on the wall as decoration or… (as my daughter does) kept in an easily accessible place to be petted when the day calls for something soft and luxurious.

Even the scraps of fiber are useful. We have stuffed bits of fluff and yarn from finished projects into grapevine balls to provide nesting material for birds.

Do We Want You to Visit?

Yes! Please come visit! 40 Horscents Lane, Waldoboro Maine.

How Do We Use Their Fiber?

The animals need to be sheared in the spring because their coats are too hot for them. Once they have received their haircuts in May, the piles of fluff are washed and combed into roving. This roving is thick lengths of fiber. From this point, there are many options. We had our first shearing spun into yarn. Once again, the possibilities are limitless.

What Do We Want You To Know About TLC?

One of our goals is for people to come and enjoy the animals. We are endeavoring to create a retreat for people as well as our rescued critters. The farm grounds are peaceful and spacious. The view of Medomak Pond is something that always takes our breath away. We cannot believe that we have been so blessed to live in paradise. It is our duty to be good stewards of our lands and to give back in any way can. Our priority is to be caretakers, providing sustenance and nourishment for our critters and recharging the souls of any who come to visit our farm.

How Can You Help?

You can come visit and give the gift of time by enjoying our animals, or you can give on this website by clicking the donate link.

Want to Schedule a Visit?

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